• How do I connect a website i made under one email in bookmark with my main email.

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    On Jul 13, 2017 Mr. Cardiotone wrote:

    I made a website using Bookmark with one email. However, I am using a new email and want to move that website to this new email account. I have already created another website with this account, but I want them both under the same roof. How do I do this?

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    On Jul 14, 2017 naser wrote:

    Hey Donald,

    Unfortunetly, there currently isn't a way to export a website into another account and/or change the bookmark account a website is associated with.

    You are, however, able to change the email associated with your account by going to Account Settings and changing the email under "Email Notifications". This will automatically change the emails associated with your website so you can start receiving notifications on that email. Those notifications include users who try to contact you in the "Contact Us" form of your website, updates from Bookmark.com and more. 

    Hope this answers your question Donald!

    answered 1 year ago