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How do I change the size of an image on my web page?


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On Feb 4, 2016 Indy500 wrote:

I added some images to my website but they aren't the size I want them to be. Is there some way to change the size of the image?

thank you!

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On Feb 4, 2016 wrote:

Yes there is! Bookmark just added a new image resizing feature. If you click on the image on your webpage (inside the builder) you will see a double pointed arrow in the bottom right corner of your image. Click and drag on that arrow to adjust the size of your image.

Hope that answer helps.



answered 7 years ago


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On Feb 5, 2016 wrote:

If you want to crop your image (remove parts of the image), you can do that in the image editor in My Drive.

Here's a link to our Help guide that will walk you through the steps to crop your image.


answered 7 years ago


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