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How do I add my logo to my site?


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On Apr 25, 2016 Mike Doverbooks wrote:

I want to place my logo in the menu area. How do I do that?

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On Apr 29, 2016 wrote:

We have a special area in the menu bar for your logo. It's called BRAND. You can either use an image file, or you can type in your company or brand name as text.

It sounds like you have an image file for your logo. Here's how to add it.

1. Hover over the menu area until you see the button BRAND and then click that.

2. In the builder menu on the left side of your screen, the Brand editor will appear. Click the tab called IMAGE, then click the button MY DRIVE.

3. My Drive will open on your screen. If you've already uploaded your logo's image file into My Drive, you can select it by double-clicking it now. If not, you'll need to upload it. Click New / File on the left side of My Drive. Then upload your logo.  Once your logo is inside My Drive, double-click it to add it to your website.

Tip: we also have an excellent image editor. To edit images, open My Drive. Just below the thumbnail for each image, there are 3 small icons, edit, rename and delete. Clickvthe edit image icon below the image you want to edit. This will open the image in the Image editor. Any changes you make will be saved as a new file.

answered 5 years ago


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