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How do I add a page where I can add content as blog? I want the articles to be shortened and have option to click 'more' to read full.


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On Nov 25, 2018 Aanchal Thakur wrote:

I want to add a blog page. how to add the same? On this page I want to add articles and they should have option to minimize and click on 'more' to maximize. I am unable to find such option.




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On Nov 26, 2018 wrote:

Hello - Adding a Blog is done at the very beginning when creating the website, same with the e-commerce option. As for your preferred set-up, this is how our Blogs are traditionally supposed to work

answered 2 years ago

On Nov 30, 2018 Aanchal Thakur commented:

But, if one wants a website which is not a blog website, but wants to add a blog page later, there should be an option to do so.

Many websites are of professionals which gives information of their team, idea et and also has a page of blog. And how to add content which can be expanded by clicking on 'More'?


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