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How could I present different content based on device type?


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On Jun 2, 2017 J Keith Maxwell wrote:

I'm wondering how I might be able to test for a Device type and then present different content based on whether the user was on a desktop or smartphone.

For example, I'd like to have a Button (Click to Call) on top of my page. When someone finds me on a cell phone, I'd like for the button to call the "tel:1234567890" and pop up the call button on the cell phone. If they are on a desktop, I'd like for it maybe to call me on Skype, or run a script that comes from Ringcentral or Twilio so it would call me, and then call them and connect us.(I haven't gotten the exact language and scripting for Twilio yet but I've used a Button from RingCentral before.



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On Jun 2, 2017 justincredible wrote:

Hi Keith,

I use the Emmet Re:view chrome extension to test sites for multiple devices and when you do this you'll see that at least in a few of the Bookmark Templates there are sections which only show on mobile devices.  For example, look at this site   with the extension and you'll see a section which can be edited for mobile but doesnt show on desktop


In order to see that section you'll want to use CTRL + or CTRL - while in the editor.  Drag a Code module over to the section and use this HTML code to code your click to call button

<a href="tel:+1800229933">Call us today!</a>

hope this helps bud!

answered 6 years ago


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On Jun 4, 2017 J Keith Maxwell wrote:

Thanks guys. I appreciate your help.

Justin, I pulled the site up on Desktop and that sentence is showing. Went to my iPhone and pulled it up and I can see one line "Learn about The Rosebud Continuum and" and it cuts most of the letters off (90%) on the second line.

I'll use the "tel:" URL that David fixed for me and just put "Click Call on Mobile" for now.

The reason I'm trying to figure this out, I'm noticing that a TON of searches are done on phones now. For example, I ran an ad campaign through AdWords Express last month, and out of all of the views and clicks, around 90% of them were on Mobile phones. Only a very few were on Desktop.

Up until now I haven't worried about desktop so much - just made sure the theme was responsive. But, now I've got to step up my game and make sure they all look great on mobile, and that they rank well on mobile.

Thanks again for the help. 


answered 6 years ago


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