• How can I add a video background to a Call to Action focus?

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    On Jun 6, 2017 naser wrote:

    Hey, I saw a website created by Bookmark with a number of video backgrounds in the website. I would want to add videos to my business website. How can I add a video to a Call to Action focus and is there a library or resource where I can get videos related to my industry?

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    On Jun 6, 2017 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

    Hello Naser,
    A video background can be added to several parts of your website but we usually recommend using it in the Header, Call to Action focus & the Quote focus. You also have the ability to add it to the footer or the background of your website page. To add a video, simply mouseover the Call to Action focus and press on "Focus background". You can then choose the Media option, press on My Drive and upload the video you would like to upload. 

    Also, you can take advantage of thousands of free Videos stored in My Drive by clicking "Get free videos" in My Drive and finding the category that suits your business. Hope this answers your question.

    Thank you

    answered 1 year ago