• GoDaddy & Bookmark Domain Setup

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    On Aug 27, 2017 Kumar wrote:

    Hi - I have a domain registered in GoDaddy  site. I tried following the steps mentioned in your help page but after all the changes are done, I get Error 404- Page not found https://www.bookmark.com/error message.

    Am I doing something wrong? If so, what should I do to fix this issue?


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    On Aug 31, 2017 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

    Hello Kumar, I can answer your question.

    Here is the guide for Go Daddy connected a domain - https://www.bookmark.com/help_center/topics/redirecting-your-domain-from-godaddy

    My first question is have you upgraded your account to Pro or Business?  This is required for you to connect an external domain.

    If you have upgraded and are having trouble with the guide you can always just ask Go Daddy support for help in doing so.

    Here is a handy email you can copy and paste to send to support.



    I would like your assistance with a change to my domain details with your service.

    I would like to point my domain to a website I’ve made at Bookmark.com (a website-builder service). This means I need to change my A-Records to point to Bookmark’s IP address for both “www” and my root domain.


    Could you please change the A-records for:

    www.mydomainname.com to point to and

    mydomainname.com to point to

    This is not a request to transfer; I want to keep you as my domain registrar.

    Thank you so much!

    answered 1 year ago

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    On Sep 1, 2017 justincredible wrote:


    It can take up to 24 hours for the domain change to take effect.  If you still have problems after 24hours, let us know with a reply here and i have a few other tricks that work.. good luck


    answered 1 year ago

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    On Jan 24, 2018 Ghassan Daghustani wrote:

    I still have problem.. can I gey detailed DNS setup please..

    answered 8 months ago