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On May 26, 2022 Olivier Jeannot wrote:


I''ve created my website and need help with some features.


I need to put my website on HTTPS so it shows as secured on google

I would like to add my logo as the website icon 

I would like to remove the "type code" from the form submition 


Thank you 


Olivier Jeannot  

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On May 27, 2022 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Olivier, thank you for reaching out. All of our websites have an automatically generated SSL certificate which makes the website secure. If you reach out ot us via live chat or at and send us the website name and your account email we can review further if you are having issues. 
You can add your logo if you head over to Design->Brand and you can add an image there and make it so every time a customer clicks on the logo they are taken to the home-page. Please bear in mind that if this option is turned on this will be the case for all pages you have not just the home-page. For detailed instructions please review the following article:
In order for you to disable the code in the form submissions, you will need to turn off the google captcha. To do this navigate to Site->General Settings->Google Captcha and toggle the Show Captcha button to off. 
Feel free to reach out to us on live chat if you need further information or assistance. 

answered 1 year ago


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