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On Dec 14, 2021 Sandrine Asselin wrote:

I was wondering if there is a way to connect the language settings in bookmark into the e-commerce platform.

Whenever you change the language in to French website, the text into the e-commerce (or the store) does not affected. It doesn't make sens that if I change de language on the site, the ecommerce is not affected.

Is there a way to force the ecommerce to be in french or in english? I have a french version of the website with a separated domaine and an english website with an other domain. Both are praticly the same beside the language. Both are link with the same ecommerce. Is it possible to force the ecommerce to appered in french on the french website et in english on the english website with out considering the langague setting of the browser?

If you can give us a suggestion or an alternative how to work on this, that would really be helpful.


Thank you.

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On Dec 14, 2021 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi there, thanks for reaching out.

The way that the language features work in the system are tied to different triggers. The language settings for the Bookmark site is triggered by the users manually changing the language in the menu bar. The language settings in the shop settings are triggered automatically by the default language of the customer's browser, so you cannot manually toggle them. 

At the moment since the ecommerce system was designed separately from the translations feature in the Bookmark builder they cannot be triggered together, but this is something we will consider as we continue to optimize our builder in the future.

answered 7 months ago


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