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On May 2, 2021 Infina wrote:

How do I add a meta tag to the head section of my HTML? With the new iOS14 update, Facebook requires all domains to be verified. how do i do so?

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On Dec 27, 2022 Acharya devraj wrote:

What is Paap Kartari Yoga?


What is Paap Kartari Yoga?Kartari is like a knife, which is used to reduce sure things. Similarly, Paap Kartari Yoga cuts quick the fruits of a house or a precise planet that falls beneath this dosha.

Kartari Yoga is of two types: Shubh Kartari and Paap Kartari
Shubh Kartari Yoga is the one when auspicious planets are existing in each the 2nd house and twelfth house from any house or planet.
Paap Kartari Yoga is shaped when inauspicious planets are current in each the 2nd house and twelfth from any house or planet.

Impact of Paap Kartari YogaIn the context of Vedic astrology, if there is any influence of Paap Kartari Yoga on any house or any planet, it eliminates the auspicious results or reduces them. For example, when Saturn transits in the twelfth house from the moon sign, it marks the starting of Sade Sati. When Saturn is positioned on the moon signal then, Sade Sati reaches its center section whilst when Saturn strategies the 2d house, it implies the remaining section i.e. cease of Sade Sati. Like this, the transit of Saturn from the 12th house to the 2nd house from the moon signal is regarded to be inauspicious. Based on this, we can say that 2nd and 12th house is extraordinarily vital from any house or planet. This is the very cause that extraordinary significance is connected to the 2nd and twelfth house due to the fact if any planet rests in the 2nd and twelfth house, the electricity of giving advantages is affected.
In the area of Vedic astrology, Paap Kartari Yoga is viewed to be inauspicious and you should have heard the identical from others too. When the astrologers go thru a horoscope, they come throughout numerous Doshas and Yogas, and all the future events, both they can be proper or bad, are published on their basis. Paap Kartari Dosha obstructs different planets to gain the natives of exceptional zodiac signs and symptoms and engulfs them with problems. In this blog, we will examine about Paap Kartari Yoga in detail. If you desire to be aware of about Raj Yoga in your kundli earlier than understanding in element about Paap Kartari Yoga, then Raj Yoga Report can stand by way of you and assist you in decoding reputation and fortune in life.
A realized astrologer can predict all beneficial and damaging consequences by means of studying Yogas and Doshas existing in one’s horoscope. There is one such inauspicious Yoga, termed Paap Kartari Yoga. Often, you need to have heard that if a individual falls underneath the impact of Paap Kartari Yoga, they are unable to obtain beneficial matters in life. In this context, we are shedding mild on what Paap Kartari Yoga stands for, its effects in astrology, and the treatments to ward off its awful effects.
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answered 11 months ago


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On May 3, 2021 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Infina, thanks for reaching out. You can add a tag to the header section of your website by going into the website builder to the Dashbaord section in the sidebar, and then to the SEO section in the sidebar. Scroll down to the 'Header' section and paste your code into the header field. Then just save the settings and save and publish your website 

answered 2 years ago


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