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Disable DEMO mode for Ecommerce ?


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On Nov 23, 2022 Mike wrote:

I created bookmark account but during payment processing I am not asked to enter CC number or such and all orders are with demo email etc. How can I disable DEMO in order to test moneris gateway?

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On Nov 23, 2022 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Mike, if your account is currently in a trial mode or with a professional plan, then e-commerce is not included and you will only have access to a demo store. The e-commerce feature is only included in one of our business plans. 
Otherwise, please reach out to us on Live chat so we can discuss and investigate accordingly.

Best regards,

answered 4 days ago


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On Nov 23, 2022 Mike wrote:

Hi Angela, yes my account is trial and I expected to have all features I can test during that period. It does not make sense to buy something if I can not verify that works for me. My whole point of potentialy switching to Bookmark is to test Moneris gateway (they also have test gateway for that purpose). How can I ensure that ecommerce with Moneris will work for me? How to test this?

Second question, is there option to host on Bookmark just ecommerce part withot using full Bookmark web site framework or this is only part of full price for whole framework?



answered 3 days ago


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