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On Nov 10, 2018 Nick Kay wrote:

Please can you add the feature to copy a blog post, I have created a format that I am happy with, so only need to change the image and text for a new post. Having to recreat a new post from scratch each time is going to be very time consuming.


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On Nov 12, 2018 wrote:

Hello - thank you for your suggestion, I can completely see how this would be incredibly useful 

answered 5 years ago


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On Jan 10, 2019 Dean Ferraro wrote:

Yes BOOKMARK, please give us blog templates!

answered 4 years ago


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On Apr 5, 2019 Nick Kay wrote:

Is this on the roadmap at all?

The inability to copy an existing blog post is preventing me form really adding anymore, as (to be honest) I can't be bothered creating each post from scratch and ensuring all the settings are the same etc.

Being able to copy a blog post and then amend the text and image would be an awesome addition.



answered 4 years ago

On Oct 23, 2019 Dean Ferraro commented:

6 months later... :(


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