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On Apr 21, 2022 Elisa Perez Prieto wrote:

Hi there, 

I get a lot of spam through contact form submission. I´m wondering if there is something that I can do about it.

Thank you, 


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On Apr 21, 2022 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Elisa, 

At the moment we do have some spam filters in place, but in addition to those you can block domains that spam is coming in from. To do so, go into your Account Settings to the My Services tab, and under the Blocked Domains section add the domains that the messages are coming in from. This should help to reduce the amount of spam coming in. 

You can also enable Google Captcha on your forms by following the steps in this help guide;

answered 9 months ago


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On Apr 27, 2022 Sherry Plumstead wrote:

I have the same issue.

They are almost all coming from the same person. They use the same name and most likely an email generator, because I have blocked 6 already and have more to add!!


This is really annoying and I am thinking of removing the contact form completely.

answered 9 months ago


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