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Can't Change the Product Title Color on Mouse Hover


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On Jul 20, 2022 Top Drop wrote:

I can't change the color of the product title when I hover the mouse over it. It's always stuck to this dark blue color (hex code #1a7ac4). This specific color doesn't go well with the navy blue background I had already chosen, that's why I want to change it, but it seems impossible. It's not mentioned in the CSS Guide. I have also tried using .ecwid a:visited, .ecwid a:hover, .ecwid a:active, {color: x;} in the CSS theme but to no avail. What's interesting is that in Inspect Element color, background color and text-decoration of ecwid.a are all struck-through. The #1a7ac4 still remains there. I've also noticed that in Shopping cart section, Quantity color is also #1a7ac4, the same dark blue color, and also appears untouchable. I've tried with .ec-size .ec-store .ec-link:visited {color: x} but again without success. 

Looking forward to your help. Thanks in advance.

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On Jul 21, 2022 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi there, please connect with our support team over the live chat with more details about your account so that a representative can look into this with you.

answered 10 months ago


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