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Can I export a site I built?


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On Nov 27, 2015 Pascal Becker wrote:


I'm thinking about building a site at Bookmark. If at any point I'm unhappy with the hosting options or for some other reason and I'd rather host the website myself, is there a way to export my site or will everything I built be lost?


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On Nov 4, 2018 Kim Chi wrote:

Any updates regarding the feature?

answered 2 years ago


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On Nov 28, 2015 Bookmark Dave wrote:

Hello Pascal, happy to assist you.   Currently we have no option where you can export your site.   We will add that as a feature which we will add once we launch fully to the public.   

answered 5 years ago


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On May 27, 2017 justincredible wrote:

Don't let the fear of no current export option detear you from going Pro.  There are a variety of ways to fully export your site or scape the site out for reuse elsewhere.  At the rate Bookmark is being improved and developed, there should be something to fill this request coming along shortly..

answered 4 years ago


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