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Api planned in the future?


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On Jun 11, 2018 Gary Hunt wrote:


I'm a web developer and manage quite a few accounts and recently we've run into a problem where it's either

A: hire another developer or

B: Improve our efficiency.

I discovered Bookmark and found that this could definitely solve our problem. The set back I'm running into is the features that aren't built into Bookmark. For example, we utilize amp pages, pwa, reactjs, nodejs, and our own json api. We also use quite a few other artificial intelligence software services to help with analytics monitoring, content ideas, and content importation. If Bookmark is planning on adding json api services then we would just go ahead and start creating sites on Bookmark and when the api is launched we tie it together in our code. If there is no plans for an api in the future how would I go about obtaining permission to scrape data/design files of sites Aida has created for us?

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