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Agency White Labeling & Control Access


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On Nov 5, 2018 Paul wrote:

Note: The FEEDBACK module will not allow me to submit this Roadmap Feedback. 

WhiteLabeling Options to consider: 

1) URL- The editor, profile area, onboarding and registration

2) The Logo- Everywhere the editor, Profile area, registration, onboarding process 

3) Rename AI- The ai is a great tool! I would love to offer that to clients who rather DIY and use us for JUST content. BUT if this happens it would make sense for us to be able and use it as our own branded AI. Bookmark still gets the site $ either way! 

4) Email- From experience I know WLing client emails can be frustrating, but if you can make that happen it would be awesome! A backup option would be to create a Non-Tracable email with a generic enough URL for anyone to use (ex:  would be a step in the right direction. 

5) Support- I've NEVER heard of a support team that announced who they work for when a user is already within a system. So allowing an agencies users to ask TECHNICAL questions regarding the site builder or atleast allowing us to route those techinical inquires to the bookmark support (Automatically) would be great. 

Agency Control Options to consider: 

1) Access to Nav. Tabs- allow for custom links (ie: Link Name, Link URL) to be added to the core nav (Dashboard, Website, E-Learning) that would be great! This would allow us to use the clients website UI as the command center for other access points we want to provide. 

2) Agency Themes- Allow us to create and save our own industry categories and themes for those categories.  

3) E-Learning Center- Allow us to add/delete articles so that we can have our own 

4) Add-On Poduct Catelogue- Give agencies a tab for our own products catelogue (Built in E-Com page). Since the use of this system is pretty much to provide content services beyond the sites development & formatting (since its done by AI) we want clients to be able to purchase blogs, videos etc. from the same *Having subscription packages would be a major plus so that we can offer one-off and continued services. 

Random Thought- 

AI- It would be cool if there was an integration AI that looked to connect users with popular apps. (Mailchimp, Storychief etc.) I dont thing that Zapier would work for WL purposes.

HIPPA- Any thoughts towards this? 


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On Nov 28, 2018 Aaron Kaggie wrote:



Hi It would be cool for the white label, if the customer could just go to our domain name on website and just could sign up without us haveing to send a payment link. So we could just refer people to our website and they could just sign up without any work on our part but advertising our site. 

answered 2 years ago


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On Nov 7, 2018 wrote:

Thank you for much for providing that feedback - I will ensure that this content gets included with the other upgrade/feature requests. 

answered 2 years ago


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On Nov 18, 2018 David Cavanagh wrote:

One thing you might want to consider once a client has purchased a site from an Agency owner:

The client logs in to edit their site in some editors (like Weebly for example) to a domain name like .

Then the client doesn't know it's Weebly they're dealing with.  Otherwise they might as well go straight to Bookmark.

Agency or White Label needs to be "agency or white" and not Bookmark written all over it (or in the source code).


answered 2 years ago


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