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Agency &Client trial period, client cannibalization, use of data and privacy policy.


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On Oct 12, 2021 Dru Macasieb wrote:


Hi Bookmark Team,

I have three questions:

1. Does the Agency plan have a trial period (Like a 7 day trial)? I want to be able to experience exacty what a client would experience under me as the white label agency. My concern is client cannibiliazation, i.e. Bookmark directly or directly converting my clients as their own. 

2. I also wanted to know if my clients data woud be shared with Bookmark of any of its affiliates, and if, so what are terms and conditions and how may/will they be used? For example, will Bookmark email my clients specail offer?

3. I normally build clients a website first and then accept payment. Do cients have to open up their own account or can I just manage everything and use the flat rate method as long as I make timely payments?

I apologize for. all the questions, I am just conerned about client cannibilization and user privacy.

Thank you for you time.

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On Oct 13, 2021 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Dru, thanks for your questions. 

1. The agency program has a demo version of the White Label package that you can use for 14 days. You can create test clients and login to impersonate them to see how they would view the account. Once you pay for the upgraded package you can then upgrade clients and start collecting payments from them. The only way that clients would end up on a Bookmark plan would be if you cancelled them out of your paying client base, at which time they are downgraded to a free basic package and kept on our platform.Otherwise if you completely delete a client they are removed from your agency and our platform. 

2. Bookmark will not email your clients any sort of offers. Emails to your clients would come from you as the agent, or transactional emails will be sent from the default if you choose the White Label package. 

3. You can take advantage of the staging area in your agency account to build websites for clients before creating a client account. Then when the client approves and is ready to pay you can create the client account and upgrade it, and transfer the website into that account to connect to the website upgrade token and connect a custom domain. 


For any other questions feel free to connect with our support team over the Bookmark live chat! 

answered 3 days ago


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On Oct 13, 2021 Dru Macasieb wrote:

Thank you for clariying my questions. Your platform and business model seems like what I am looking for. 

answered 3 days ago


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