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On Mar 18, 2019 Remi Erogbogbo wrote:

for some reason I seem to be struggling to build my second website with bookmark. I wander if it is the template I've selected for the second website. I have simply dumped mainly text copy from my old site into text modules and would now like to layout the copy and contents into columns and add picture modules and other elements to make the page look right. Right now I am struggling to create columns and split the text into two columns e.g text and picture side by side. Instead when I drag a feature of module over it takes up the whole page or section... when I only need it to show up on part of a page. Any help please? 

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On Mar 18, 2019 wrote:

Hey Remi - Thank you for getting in contact with us regarding your situation. Can you please email with the website info. Thre a couple ways that you can acihieve this and it just comes down to finding the right one. 

answered 2 years ago


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