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Link a button to a specific section on a page

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On Dec 15, 2021 JP van der Merwe wrote:

Hi everyone! So right now it is possible to link a button/text/element to any page of your webite. I would like to request the ability to link to a specific section of a specific page as well. This would make it easier to connect everything on your website. Let me give you an example scenario:

- You have a website for a restaurant

- On the home page, when you scroll down, you have a section for bookings/reservations

- You DON'T have a separate page for reservations/bookings

- You want to link from another page to the reservations section, but you cannot, so now you can only link to the home page that CONTAINS the reservations section

- This makes it difficult for customers to find the reservations section, as they will only be redirected to the home page, and will have to manually scroll to the reservations section

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