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On Jun 17, 2021 Paddy McCann wrote:

Blog Enhancements

Most of the websites we build make use of the 'blog' feature. We generally change the name to something like 'case studies' and make use of categories to separate different topics. My wishlist for the Bookmark Blog would be as follows:

  • switch to titled layout
  • define how many columns 
  • Ability to show / hide category navigation


  • Multiple categories for each post 
  • Ability to change category navigation to News or Case Studies or other custom text - as in 'view all Case Studies' versus 'View all Posts' 

Blog Page
It would be advantageous for the way we build websites (and then hand them off to clients to update) to have the ability to create multiple instances of the blog page. Each instance would show posts for a specific category or categories. e.g a mechanical service / repair shop could be posting brief case studies weekly to different categories such as rust restoration or bumper repairs or paintwork etc. A landscape gardener might only have two categories they post to - e.g Commercial | Residential. 

This greatly simplifies the process for clients (or design staff) to update client websites each week / month with SEO rich content. Of course we can achieve the same result manually creating sub-page structures and sections however the blog function provides a more centralised management of case studies / portfolio / articles / news and many less steps to quickly create a new post. 

Blog posts on any page
Ability to add a blog post to any page using sections

  • Layout option - a single post as a featured box
  • Layout option - three posts in a row with editable call to action text - e.g view recent bumper restorations


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