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Bookmark: AI Website Builder

Founded in 2014, the Bookmark mission is simple: provide world-wide small business owners with a truly quick and easy website building experience. Our AI website builder uses machine learning to give non-technical business owners a competitive edge. Through automation, Bookmark’s artificial intelligence design assistant, AiDA, creates smart websites, combining the creativity of humans and the optimization of AI/machine learning.

Watch AiDA Video (1:03)

How Bookmark AI Design Assistant Builds Websites?

Bookmark’s AI design assistant, AiDA, builds websites using proprietary machine learning algorithms. Smart predictions are made for which sections, elements, images, text, and design styles would work best for each website’s conversions. These instantaneous decisions are powered by sophisticated deep reinforcement learning relevant to each business owner’s specific industry.

AiDA gets smarter with every new AI designed website. She learns from each interaction; by monitoring incoming site visitors and website editor interactions within the website builder, she learns to make optimal suggestions. Each bit of data is used to optimize your website’s user experience and drive increased growth for your business.

AiDA already eliminates up to 90 per cent of the pain points associated with AI website design and creation; moreover, her AI assistant abilities help to enable small business owners compete against big businesses by collecting data surrounding core business metrics and providing improved AI design suggestions to increase return on investment.

How Bookmark Increases ROI for Business Owners?

In the near future, Bookmark’s AI design assistant, AiDA, will roll out an upgraded version, adding increased capabilities that drive small business owners’ overall digital growth. The process begins with small business owners selecting specific website goals they want AiDA to improve, followed by a period of data collection, and finally, optimization. AiDA, then, continually optimizes small business owners’ website design to increase their ROI.

Once goals are set, Bookmark’s AI automation immediately starts monitoring and analyzing incoming website traffic to suggest improvements on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The incorporation of each suggestion will not take place until accepted manually by the participant. If they decide to approve an AiDA suggestion, the change will automatically be applied to the participant’s website and, in addition, Bookmark will start testing this change to ensure it is a positive improvement for your business.

Bookmark increases user engagement

Bookmark’s AI assistant, AiDA, will also monitor website analytics to benchmark customer engagement metrics against other websites in identical sectors related to your business and across Bookmark’s entire platform. If your customer engagement scores are low, our AI/machine learning algorithms will send layout suggestions, for approval, to increase user engagement on your website.

Individual goals

The following goals will be AI optimized by AiDA based upon your specific business selections.

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Do you want to optimize for customers to connect with you via phone when viewing your website?

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Do you want your customers to contact you via a detailed contact us form to request more information and further qualify your lead?

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Do you want your customers to click-through and view a specific section on your website?

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Do you want your customers to exchange an email with your company, so potential leads can be added to your email list?

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Do you want your customers to click through to your products page to purchase more items?

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Do you want your customers to view a video promotion about your business?

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Do you want customers to book a meeting or appointment with you?

Is A True Assistant

AiDA not only builds a fully-functional AI designed website, but continues to help by walking you through the process of designing, editing, and optimizing your website for maximum SEO and visitor engagement. Simply ask your personal AI assistant, AiDA, to grant you these services and more.

Say goodbye to the old way

Say goodbye to template driven websites. Bookmark’s AI automation website builder is the next step in the evolution of web publishing. With the help of AiDA, our AI designed websites automatically build and evolve by themselves. Not only do our websites build in minutes, but they employ machine learning algorithms that improve ROI over time.

AiDA builds your unique website specifically tailored to your business’ needs. Every website has its own customized set of images, colors, sections, font combinations, and layouts, meaning the possible combinations are endless. With the added help of your AI assistant, AiDA, in your corner, you have complete freedom and control to take your business to the next level.