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  • Add custom code to any website

  • All websites automatically mobile-friendly

  • Never turn away clients again due to budget

  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence to maximize conversion and user engagement

Create Endless Website!

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Hey Client! Here are 5 unique websites that I created for your coffee shop.
Select your favorite so I can get started on details. Your site will be ready in 24 hours!

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  • You focus on design. We do the rest!

  • Let Bookmark handle all your billing

  • Or, pay Bookmark a flat rate fee for each client website and handle payment yourself.

  • Choose price to charge your clients

  • Get paid 60% for the liftime of every client Bookmark handles billing.

Option 1:

Bookmark Bills Client

Bookmark handles all the billing for your clients. You earn 60% for lifetime of billing. Choose price for your clients.

Option 2:

Bookmark Bills Agent


(Pay flat rate fee per client)

1 - 49: $10
50 - 249: $9
250 +: $8
1000 + Contact Us

Option 2:

Bookmark Bills Agent


(Pay flat rate fee per client)

1 - 24: $20
25 - 99: $18.50
100+: $17.00
500+ Contact Us

How it Works

Is it really that easy?

Yes! Become a Bookmark Agent today for just $99.95/yr.

Each client you bring on will have their own unique customer login and password so they can access their individual account. You, as the Agent, will then have remote access into all of your client accounts. Simple right?

Bookmark is an all-in-one entrepreneurial platform dedicated to small businesses, just like yours! Why is this important? Well, your clients not only benefit from your design work, they will also have full access to this platform.

Get online & grow your business

Get your own agency website free

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White Label Website Builder

Add your brand to all of these areas

Client Login Screen

When your client logs into their account they will see no Bookmark branding

Client Dashboard

When your client logs into their account they will only see your customizable brand

Website Builder

If your client updates their website inside the editor they will only see your brand

Multiple Account Managers

Create account managers with specific permissions to help you build your design agency.

Website Preview

Send clients a generic URL to showcase their website you created. No Bookmark branding anywhere

Email communication

All email communication with your clients will have your own branding

Full transparency
get paid every 2 weeks!

( Design Platform )


( Payment Processing )


Your Own Business

Bookmark handles all billing through our merchant processor. Your clients will be billed every month, and you will get paid 60% of the revenue. Any declined payments will be reattempted 3 more times total. Plus, you will get an email notifying you of the declined payment so you can contact your client directly.

Bookmark is Ecommerce ready

  • Check

    Sell unlimited products

  • Check

    Sell on Facebook and Instagram

  • Check

    Add Buy it now button anywhere

  • Check

    Shopping cart on your domain

  • Check

    No Transaction Fee

  • Check

    Customizable e-mail notifications

  • CheckSell Digital Goods
  • Check

    Wholesale pricing groups

  • Check

    Powerful Management Tools

  • Check

    Secure Check-out

  • CheckEdit Orders
  • Check

    Sell on Amazon & eBay

  • Check

    Discount coupons

  • Check

    Android and iOS store management App

  • Check

    Integrated Shopping Cart

  • Check

    Local Pickup

  • Check

    Backend translated into 25 languages

  • Check

    Bulk Invoice Printing

  • Check

    Store Statistics

  • Check

    Remarketing with Google Analytics

  • Check

    Define Shipping Options

Whether you sell online, through social media, or in-store, Bookmark is your Ecommerce solution. We have you covered!

Learn More

Can this get any better?

Amazon cloud hosting

Powerful, highly reliable, scalable infrastructure for your website.

Online courses

Bookmark’s online training courses are included FREE for your clients.
This is a $497 value!

Search Engine Friendly

Bookmark believes that SEO is an important aspect of every website.

Get started now

For as little as $99,95/yr, you can have a bonafide business that will earn you steady cash. Get your Design Agency started in 1-click!

Trusted partners

Bookmark is a top-rated, reputable website builder with cutting edge technology. Some would even say disruptive technology!

Secure website

Your website will be secured with an SSL security certificate

Free images & videos

Choose from millions of beautiful free stock images and videos stored in “My Drive”.


We are with you on every step of this journey. Get support when you need it.

Build your own Design agency
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For as little as   $99.95/yr

Create your own Full-Access design agency

Dashboard with all your clients in one place

Unlimited Licences, unlimited earning potential

Get paid 60% of your client’s lifetime billing

Or, bill clients yourself by paying Bookmark a flat-rate fee of $10 - $20/month

White Label capabilities

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