Our Values

Our work gives us purpose, our values drive us forward.

We put customers first

Our customers success is our top priority. Making their experience better at Bookmark is the foundation of all technical, product, and business decisions.

We care

We are part of a global community and have the opportunity to do good for the world around us. We want everyone to have access to clean water and donate a portion of every sale to aid in that quest.

We are curious

We ask why to truly understand opportunities before designing solutions. We value active and observant minds knowing that continual learning and new knowledge is what will propel us forward.

We are creative

If we are not innovating, we are not doing our job. And quite frankly, we are also not having fun.

We have grit

We unremittingly tackle difficult tasks to make Bookmark better. Without exception, we seek the right solutions – not just the easy ones.


Bookmark.com is a website creation tool for non-technical people. Our simple, drag-and-drop technology makes creating a professional website fast, easy and fun. Bookmark offers full online e-learning courses to enhance your business or career on the internet as well as a community forum where users can ask questions. We're different because Bookmark offers a number of fully functional web page sections that are typical to most websites such as content layouts, event registration, about us, testimonials, photo gallery and more. These sections called “Focus” are further customizable. Bottom line: even a newcomer with no coding experience can create a beautiful, fully functional website in very little time.

Bookmark Your Life Inc.

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